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    Tomopop Loading Improperly

    Anyone having a problem with tomopop loading but not showing any posts? I've tried using Ie and Chrome and they both have the same problem. It also did the same thing on my phone. Any thoughts on whats going on.

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    Sorry, no such problems for me and I use Chrome all the time. I've never accessed the site on my phone before, so can't say anything about that.
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    Having that issue right now with Firefox. Testing it in IE gives me the same problem.

    I'm assuming it's the Community Blogs not loading properly that's causing the problem. It displays this:

    Error in query: #1030: Got error 28 from storage engine (/*mc:cblog_posts_any*/ select p.*,u.* from ele_posts p, ele_users u where p.is_live = 1 and p.post_origin = 'user' and p.author_user_key = u.user_key and p.post_dt < now() group by p.post_key order by post_dt desc limit 16 )

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    Indeed, there's some glitch in the system (though I forget offhand what the technical issue itself is). We're working to try and get a fix up because it also knocks out our editor, so we can't post when the bug pops up.

    But yes, we're working on fixing whatever's causing the issues.


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